Adidas MLS jerseys are bad, plus decade reviews: Freedom Kicks for 2 January 2019

I hope that everyone had a good New Year’s Day yesterday, and we now round-up the last vestiges of 2019 before turning towards the next decade of soccer. To the links!

Last call for our retrospective on the past decade of D.C. United moments. With a lot of LEWIS NEAL!

Ben Olsen makes his appropriate return to the conversation of this list, after having been wrongly ignored for the past few years.

As may be appropriate for how D.C. United played in 2019, there is no mention of the team.

The D.C. United player is as obvious as it is well-deserved.

This is the new Inter Miami jersey, and it needs to be more vibrant and explosive. A very mild pink placed on the same template as everyone else doesn’t do much for me.

But all of this belies a larger point: all of Adidas jerseys this year, and indeed for the past couple of years, are based on the exact same template. The jersey that you’ve seen for the New York Red Bulls, mostly black with red highlight and three red stripes on the shoulder, is likely to be very similar to the jersey that D.C. United is going to get when it comes it in February or so.

The blandification of MLS jerseys over the past decade has coincided with MLS’ Adidas partnership, and I think it is time for the league to shake some things up. How often have we seen interviews with the D.C. United front office where we hear hints and rumors about the awesome kits that they wanted to design, only to be shot down by Adidas or the league?

We could have had a pink cherry blossom kit, which would have been amazing!

Nike, for all there other faults, at least tries things. Whenever the contract comes back up, I hope the league goes another way, because Adidas has gotten to complacent.

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